Recent activities


Kick-Off Meeting.  Barcelona

14th - 15th of September (2016)

Partners Meeting.

8th and 9th of June (2017)

CODUR Workshop at EMEM Italia.
30th, 31th of August and 1st of September (2017)

Symposium: Pushing the boundaries of Higher Education.

Albert Sangrà gave a talk on #CODURproject indicators.
3th of October (2017)

International Council for Open and Distance Education ICDE at the
World Online Conference 2017.  

CODUR project workshop with Albert Sangrà (UOC) and Flavio Manganello (ITD-CNR).

19th of October (2017)
International Seminar "Evidence-based research: methodological approaches and practical outcomes Insights for Online Education".

Internal Erasmus Project CODUR meeting.

22th of November (2017)

Workshop on the CODUR indicators for an Online Dimension of University rankings, by Albert Sangrà (UOC).

African Council of Distance Education (ACDE).

Golden Peacock Resort Hotel.
Beira (Mozambique) 22th of March (2018)
The director of the UOC Planning and Quality Office, Maria Taulats, explained CODUR as the first project that tries to assess the quality of online education.

Seminario de Calidad ESAD MX.

Instalaciones CIEES.
Mexico City  (Mexico 21th of May (2018)

Presentation and discussion on the CODUR
indicators for an Online Dimension  of University
rankings, by the CODUR team.

European Distance and E-learning Network
(EDEN) Conference

Università degli Studi di Genova
Facoltà di Science Politiche
Albergo dei Poveri.

Piazzale Emanuele Brignole, 16136.

 Genova (Italy)

17-20th of June (2018)

Multiplier Event in Spain: Presentation of the set
of the CODUR indicators for an Online Dimension
of University rankings, by the CODUR team.

International Conference on University Teaching
and Innovation (CIDUI)

University of Girona.
 Girona (Spain)
4-6th of July (2018)
Partners Meeting
Milton Keynes  (UK) 21st of September (2018)

ANVUR seminar

Seminar by Prof. Albert Sangrà entitled "Creating an Online Dimension for University Rankings: the CODUR Project".


25th of September (2018)

Official presentation of the material produced in the CODUR project

19 h – Sala Josep Laporte, UOC Av. Tibidabo


27th of September (2018)