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Intellectual Output 2

Intellectual Output 2 consists of a set of guidelines for the integration of the CODUR indicators and criteria to the U-Multirank ranking. The CODUR partnership, therefore, suggests the introduction of an online dimension into this EC-funded university ranking.

All the products of Intellectual Output 2 are accessible online in this website in the form of three deliverables.

1. The CODUR Toolbox for Data Gathering and Management

The first deliverable provides the final CODUR list of criteria and indicators for the assessment of the quality of online higher education. The final list can be found in pages 22-24. This deliverable also provides a Toolbox for the gathering and management of the data required by the CODUR indicators. The deliverable also tests how hard it is for higher education institutions to collect the data required by the indicators with the participation of four non-paid supporting institutions.

       Read more: CODUR Project Deliverable IO2 A1

2. Guidelines for the Inclusion of an Online Dimension at the U-Multirank Ranking

The second deliverable compares the CODUR indicators to the indicators of the U-Multirank ranking to find similarities. It also considers which indicators could be more easily integrated into the ranking in the short term. Finally, it also explains which indicators will be difficult to incorporate into the ranking. This deliverable, in the form of a report, has been subcontracted to an expert of the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, CHEPS, who is a member of the CODUR External Advisory Board.

       Read more: CODUR Project Deliverable IO2 A2

3. Guidelines for the Improvement of Online Higher Education Institutions

The third deliverable presents a set of guidelines intended to help online institutions improve the quality of their teaching and learning processes, so as to achieve better positioning in rankings and comparisons provided by the new ranking tool. The goal of these guidelines is to foster European leadership in online education rankings.

       Read more: CODUR Project Deliverable IO2 A3