Conference LiSS 3: "The State of Surveillance"

There will be papers on the following topics:
  • The governance and regulation of surveillance and privacy
  •  The development of surveillance related public policy at national and supra-national levels
  •  The organisation and management of surveillance technologies and systems
  •  Policy processes in surveillance societies
  •  Evolving institutions in surveillance societies
  •  Surveillance relations between citizen and the state
  •  Relations between the state and the commercial and voluntary sectors
  •  Surveillance industries
  •  Political economies of surveillance
  •  Media representations of surveillance
  •  Emerging surveillance technologies and practices
  •  Surveillance in everyday life
  •  Post-authoritarian states and surveillance
  •  National cultures and surveillance
  •  Challenges and resistance to surveillance
  •  Surveillance and mega events
  •  Art and surveillance
  •  Perceptions of and experiences of surveillance
  •  Local, national and international comparisons
  •  Geographies of surveillance
  •  Convergence of surveillances technologies, policies and practices
  •  Development of surveillance theory
  •  Findings from new empirical studies.