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Participants and abstracts

Abstracts and papers

List of authors and papers

  1. Adamski, Andrzej: ‘Telecommunication data retention in Poland: does the legal regulation pass the proportionality test‘
  2. Airaksinen, Timo: “Understanding Surveillance and Security: A Philosophical and Logical Approach”
  3. Alexandropoulou, Evgenia & Maria Nikita: “The Greek Regulatory Framework on Personal Data Protection with emphasis on the use of surveillance systems“
  4. Backman, Christel & Andras L. Pap: “Privacy and surveillance in judicial proceedings -Business Interests, the Expectation of Privacy and Democracy: Inter-continental and Inter-European Differences”
  5. Balahur, Doina & Lorena Tarlion: “The personal data between manipulation and (denied) protection. Inquiry into Romania’s legislation and every day practice“
  6. Balahur, Doina: “You have the right to remain forgotten. Don’t you?”
  7. Barnard-Wills; David: “Surveillance and Spitfires: A Surveillance studies reading of Allied Aerial Reconnaissance during the world wars“
  8. Barbero González, Iker & Cristina Fernández Bessa: “Beyond surveillance: racial profiled detention practices in everyday life”
  9. Bartolucci, Valentina: “Surveilling the brain: neurological advances and ethical implications”& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; /li>
  10. Bister, Milena D.: “Keeping close track of time and space: Infrastructures of surveillance in mental health care“
  11. Budak, Jelena, Ivan-Damir Anić & Edo Rajh: “Public attitudes towards surveillance and privacy in Western Balkans: the case of Serbia“
  12. Chrysopoulou, Eleni D.: “Surveillance as an investigative method against organized crime. The case of the Greek criminal law.”
  13. De Schepper, Tom & Paul De Hert: “The use of CCTV in Flemish cities and municipalities. A first data collection“
  14. Ellis, Daren: “The Dynamics of Impersonal Trust in the Context of Surveillance and Dataveillance Systems”
  15. Ferret, Jerome: “The Policing of Risk Society: Towards a new panoptical violence?“
  16. Frowd, Philippe M.: “SPOT the Terrorist: border security and the behavioural profiling paradigm“
  17. Fussey, Pete: “Centrifugal and centripetal governance of counter-terrorist surveillance in the UK“
  18. Glud, Louise Nørgaard, Sofie Stenbøg & Anders Albrechtslund: “The (Dis)appearance of Ai Weiwei: Translations and (In)visibilities“
  19. Hadjimatheou, Katerina, Rozemarijn van der Hilst, Heather Draper & John Guelke: “A double-edged sword”: Counter-terrorism professionals’ perceptions of the practical and ethical factors affecting the use of surveillance technology in their work.”
  20. Harper, David: “Conspiracy or confusion: Public understandings of the use of personal information”
  21. Kitsos, Panagiotis & Paraskevi Pappa: “Surveillance in the clouds. The emergence of cloud computing and the reshaping of data protection legislation“
  22. Klauser, Francisco: “Surveillance and ubiquitous borders at mega-events“
  23. Lauritsen, Peter & Ask Risom Boge: “Building an oligopticon: A study of video surveillance in Danish police work“
  24. Le Goff, Tanguy: “Ethnography of municipal CCTV operators in France”
  25. Leibler, Anat: “Shifting from policing residents to living in ubiquitous borders: Three cases of identifying citizens“
  26. Lomell, Heidi Mork & Johanne Yttri Dahl: “The numbers game: On the role and impact of faulty statistics in surveillance policy debates”
  27. Macnish, Kevin: “Whose business is it?“
  28. Mitrou, Lilian: “Naming and Blaming in Greece : Social Control as Law Enforcement Tool“
  29. Nagenborg, Michael: “They’re watching. And they can bring you down. Anonymous, Anonymity, and the ethics of resistance”
  30. Papavlasopoulos, Sozon & Maria Botti: “Values over risks: surveillance, data protection and libraries in Europe and the US-notes on an empirical data case study on surveillance and Greek academic libraries“
  31. Pridmore, Jason: “Sign on surveillance: Third party site mediation and social media”
  32. Ragnedda, Massimo: “Dataveillance and e-surveillance. A critical case study of the usage of Social Networking Sites by students in Sassari“
  33. Ságvári, Bence & Miklós Péter Máder: “Children’s online safety. Co-regulatory regimes from privacy and surveillance aspects.“
  34. Samatas, Minas: “Surveillance Dynamics in post-Olympics Greece”
  35. Tarlion, Lorena: “Special Surveillance in Juvenile courts“
  36. Toom, Victor & Amade M’charek: “Forensic genetics and the non-suspected person of interest: the utilization of external visible characteristics and familial searching and the case of Marianne Vaatstra”
  37. Tucker, Ian: “Surveillance and techno-biological living”
  38. van Brakel, Rosamunde & Rocco Bellanova: “Playing with Surveillance: (The End of) Great Expectations?”
  39. Wagner, Ben: “Empowered Autocracy: Internet Surveillance and Control before, during and after the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia“
  40. Waszkiewicz, Pawel: Regulating the access to and usage of CCTV recordings by law enforcement agencies”
  41. Webster, William: “Surveillance as x-ray: understanding the surveillance state“
  42. Yngvesson, Susanne Wigorts: “To see the world as it appears: the look, the camera and the flesh“