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Doctoral School

During LiSS Conference 3 a Doctoral School will take place.
The doctoral school will provide a supportive environment for a small number of doctoral students to discuss their work in detail.

Venue: 706 Room, 7th floor, Media Tic Building

(by invitation only)

Session 1

TUESDAY 29TH MAY (16:00h-17:30h)

Chair: Karl Löfgren & Nicola Green

Basil Cupa: "Trojan Horse Resurrected. On the Legality of the Use of Government Spyware"

Aikaterini Yiannoukakou: "Electronic government: legal aspects & applications"

Session 2

WEDNESDAY 30TH MAY (9:00h-10'30h)

Chair: Michael Nagenborg & Nicola Green

Kevin Macnish: “Whose Business Is It? Authority and Surveillance”

Filipe Santos: "The dissemination and popularization of surveillance technologies"

Session 3

THURSDAY 31ST MAY (9:00h-10'30h)

Chair: Karl Löfgren & Michael Nagenborg

Maria Helen Murphy: "Emerging privacy questions and new surveillance methods - can the approach of the European Court of Human Rights provide national parliaments with an effective road-map for regulation?"

Philip Schütz: "A comparison of data protection authorities in selected EU member states"

Session 4

FRIDAY 1ST JUNE (9:00h-10'30h)

Chair: Karl Löfgren, Michael Nagenborg & Nicola Green

Louise Nørgaard Glud: "Maps as oligoptica to see from "

Marisa N. Fassi: "Everyday Surveillance and Resistance: Infringement Code and Sex Workers in Córdoba-Argentina."

       You can download the abstracts here.        You can download the papers of the doctoral school with your password here.