The KIMO research group was created in 2004 around the Information and Communication Sciences Department of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) to foster research activity. The group is formed by researchers from this university and from other international institutions.


KIMO’s activity revolves around knowledge and information management in organizations. Its approach is clearly interdisciplinary due to the varied academic origin of its members (information science, organization theory, management, engineering and natural sciences).


Its research is focused on strategic and organizational aspects of knowledge and information. It is performed through the developement of theoretical frameworks, the analysis of structured data, the analysis of social networks, the use of computer simulation methods and case studies using quantitative and qualitative methodologies. 


At this moment, the most relevant current projects of the group aim at analysing the creation, diffusion and use of knowledge in big science, in collaboration with the ATLAS Experiment at CERN and at studying the flows of information and knowledge in social networks. In addition, KIMO is also working on the strategic management of knowledge in organizations and the competitive intelligence function in companies and public institutions.


KIMO was officially granted by the Government of Catalonia with the distinction of Emerging Research Group in 2005 and of Consolidated Research Group in 2009.