As a research centre, the IN3 welcomes and provides support to the Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme. This programme, first offered in the year 2000, was one of the first ones created in the field of research into the information and knowledge society and the first doctoral course to be offered fully online.

Information and communication technologies, promoted during the second half of the last century and subjected to a process of constant updating, have crept into every area of human activity: culture, economy, education, media, business management, management of public services and the way the political system works. If we are to understand present-day society and carry out any kind of professional or academic activity we need to analyse how we use these technologies in these various areas and the deep-seated changes which they have brought with them.

The connection between various social, economic, political and cultural systems forces us to overcome the traditional barriers between disciplines if we are to perform a rigorous and in-depth analysis. This Doctoral Programme is, then, based on an interdisciplinary perspective which includes several theoretical viewpoints and different methodological tools.

Royal Decree 1393/2007 of October 29th, regulating official higher education in Spain, defines this interdisciplinary perspective based on the relationship between the Doctoral Programme and the University’s research activity in the various areas and topics it covers.

The Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme is formed around an organised series of training and research activities leading to the obtention of a doctoral degree. The programme is structured on the basis of a period of prior training, including a Master’s Degree in the Information and Knowledge Society and an organised research period, which may also be known as PhD, doctoral studies or doctorate.

The organised research part of the Doctoral Programme includes courses, seminars and training activities designed to provide advanced training in research and culminates in an initiative of original research, with the preparation and presentation of a doctoral thesis. The research should contribute to the accumulated knowledge on one of the aspects or themes of the information and knowledge society.


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