Schedule for the enrolment







  • Fill in the APPLICATION FORM, sign it, scan it and send it with additional documents in electronic format to You must send just one ZIP or RAR compresed file




Covering letter in English which, in no more than 1,000 words, covers:

  • the specific reasons for wishing to present one’s candidacy, and
  • a description of the areas of interest in research.

CV written in English, which contains:

  • the student’s full, physical address, a contact phone number and e-mail address
  • the bachelor, engineering and master programmes or postgraduate courses taken and passed and which relate to the areas of interest indicated in the letter of presentation, and,
  • if appropriate, the student’s prior scientific production.

Degree and postgraduate certificates or certificates of issue (in Catalan, Spanish or English).

If the student does not yet hold an official master’s degree which will allow them enrolment in the organised doctoral research period, a signed statement that he/she is in a position to obtain the corresponding qualification in summer 2015.

Entrance to the Doctoral Programme is conditional upon delivery of the corresponding qualification (or the receipt of having paid the fees for the qualification) prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Degree and postgraduate study transcript (in Catalan, Spanish or English)
Full name, institutional affiliation, address and e-mail address of three people willing to provide references.
Example of recent academic work (in Catalan, Spanish or English).
ID card or passport.

In the case of non-EU foreign students applying for a position as full-time, attendance-based students expecting to live in Spain with members of their families, proof that they have sufficient additional income to maintain the members of the family.

In the case of non-native students of countries with English as the mother-tongue, proof of a level of skill in English equivalent to level C1 in the common European framework of reference for languages.Accreditation of English language skills must be certificated before February 28th, 2015.

The UOC facilitates accreditation of knowledge of English by offering a language-level test in English over the Internet, which can be accessed via the following link. A score of 80 or more in the TOEFL Internet-based testing (iBT) shows that the student has an adequate level of English. To take this test, please enter the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya's code number 4418.

The student can also prove his/her language skills in English with an official qualification demonstrating a level equivalent or higher to the one required.



During the candidacy assessment process, interviews may be held (face-to-face or over the phone) with the students, which means that they must be available for them.

Once the selection process has ended, candidates initially admitted shall furnish an attested copy of the certificates, qualifications and study transcripts required for enrolment. In the case of university qualifications obtained in non-EHEA higher education systems and which have not been recognised, the university qualification must be diplomatically authenticated (or, if appropriate, have an affixed Hague Convention apostille). When the certificates, qualifications or study transcripts are not drafted in one of the official languages of the Spanish state or in English, a sworn translation into Catalan, Spanish or English must be attached.

Failure to provide this documentation, or the fact that the details reflected reveal a discrepancy with those given in the application, may result in non-admission to the Doctoral Programme.

Following notification of the resolution on the enrolment examination for the Doctoral Programme, the candidates initially admitted will have a maximum of one month to accept. Otherwise, they will ultimately not be admitted to the Doctoral Programme.



The period for applying for entrance will be open from December 15th, 2014 until February 28th, 2015
Access resolution: April 30th, 2015.



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