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IN3 Resident Researchers Programme

IN3 Resident Researchers Programme successful applicants, 2014-2015

After a very complex and difficult selection process given the number of professors who participated (12) and the limited number of places available, and having evaluated all applications in accordance with the criteria set out in the call for proposals, the IN3 Direction has selected the following research projects:

  • Social-care activism in the age of austerity: a comparative study, Spain-UK, by Israel Rodríguez.
  • Self-Organization in Future 5G Cellular Networks, by Ferran Adelantado.
  • Posicionament en entorns indoor amb smartphones i la seva aplicació per incentivar conductes saludables, by Toni Pérez.
  • Intermediaris digitals: neutralitat, oblit, responsabilitat i control, by Miquel Peguera.
  • Changing Collective Action in Europe and the US in Times of Crisis: the evolution of protest into solidarity and political organisations through Information and Communication Technologies, by Rosa Borge.

Many thanks to all the candidates who applied, particularly to those who were not selected but who are encouraged to continue developing their research and to submit their valued proposals for future calls.

Congratulations to the researchers selected!


IN3 Resident Researchers Programme. Call for Applications (2014-2015)

The Internet Interdisciplinary Institute is inviting applications for four posts as resident researchers at the research center for the academic year 2014-2015. These posts are strictly reserved for UOC post-doctoral faculty, and admissions are by competitive award, the successful candidates being selected by the IN3 Management Committee.

The successful candidates will be able to devote themselves to develop the projects they presented with their applications on a full-time basis and with full autonomy. Accepting the status of resident researcher entails undertaking the associated professional work at the IN3 building, where they will have offices and logistic, administrative and documentary support, and a small budget for pursuing their research work. The subject area concerned in the project submitted must be related to the interdisciplinary area of the information and knowledge society or to information and communication technologies.
Resident researchers are expected to take part in IN3 research seminars, to present their work in those seminars and to publish a working paper (IN3 Working Paper Series). They will also have to play an active part in the academic community of the research center.
Throughout their time as resident researchers, the faculty selected for these posts will continue to be paid their UOC salaries. The university will allocate sufficient resources to the courses the resident researchers had been teaching to enable their teaching work to be suitably covered in their absence.
A call for applications of this kind will be held every academic year. Faculty selected will not be entitled to reapply within the five years following their resident researcher tenure.
The requirements for applications are as follows:

  • PhD and full-time lecturer at the UOC.
  • Being able to interact in English, given the IN3’s multilingual nature.
  • Written permission from the Department Director (Director d'Estudis) to move to the Institute for the period September 1st 2014 to August 1st 2015.

Applications must include the following documents (by email and hard copy):

  1. Normalized CV (CVN format, provided by GIR) with a detailed description of the academic experience (teaching, research and knowledge transfer).
  2. Proposed research project, which necessarily must include (maximum 10 pages):
  • Title of the research project.
  • Detailed description of the research to develop.
  • Working Plan and expected timeline of proposed research.
  • Definition of the scientific results anticipated from that year of residence and the upcoming three years.
  1. Dossier of publications:
  • Two papers you consider the most relevant according to the research area of your project.
  • Two papers you consider the most relevant of your CV.


The criteria for selection of the candidates will be the following:  

  1. Scientific interest and social relevance of the proposed research project.
  2. Candidate’s experience in the proposed research area.
  3. Scope of the expected results of research to develop.
  4. Adaptability of the project with the research promoted by the IN3.
  5. Candidate’s curriculum.


The period for applying will end on June 9th 2014. The successful candidates will be announced, at the latest, on June 20th.

Applications, queries and required documentation may be emailed to Laura Llobet (

Hard copies must be sent to the same person to the following address: MediaTIC building, Roc Boronat, 117, 8th floor, Barcelona, 08018.


The research group presented the preliminary results of the European Project, CUIDAR, H2020).  

EFFORTi – Building an Evaluation Framework for Gender Equality