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Communication Technologies in Latin America and Africa:
A multidisciplinary perspective



Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol

Adela Ros Híjar (editors)




Cover and contents (English & Catalan)

Introduction (English, Catalan)



Section 1. Shaping the economic sphere


Chapter 1: Mobile-based livelihood services in Africa: pilots and early deployments (English)

Jonathan Donner


Chapter 2: Mobile phones as a tool in the household production process Evidence from Puno, Peru (English)

Roxana Barrantes


Chapter 3: Mobile opportunities: Poverty and Mobile Telephony in Latin America and the Caribbean. The case of Mexico (English)

Judith Mariscal


Chapter 4: Broadband Internet access in developing countries: Universal service provision and pricing schemes (English)

Carlos Gutiérrez Hita and Juana Aznar Márquez



Section 2. Shaping communicative practices


Chapter 5: Managing the cost of mobile communication in Ghana (English)

Araba Sey


Chapter 6: Africa connects: Mobile communication and social change in the margins of African society. The example of the Bamenda Grassfields, Cameroon (English)

Mirjam de Bruijn


Chapter 7: From “lands at the end of the earth” to “lands of progress”? Communication and mobility in South-Eastern Angola (English)

Inge Brinkman and Silvia Alessi


Chapter 8: Imagined connectivity, poetic text-messaging and appropriation in Sudan (English)

Siri Lamoureaux



Section 3. Shaping migratory cultures


Chapter 9: Connectivity, Migration and Socio-Economic Development with a focus on the Maghreb (English)

Ivan Ureta


Chapter 10: ICTs in Senegal: between migration culture and socio-cultural and politico-economic positioning (English)

Aly Tandian


Chapter 11: Moving and mediating: a mobile view on sub-Saharan African migration towards Europe (English)

Joris Schapendonk


Chapter 12: ICT and codeveloppement between Catalonia and Senegal (French)

Papa Sow and Rosnert Ludovic Alissoutin


Chapter 13: Can the diaspora contribute to the development of their home countries? (English)

Ana M. González Ramos, Jörg Müller and Milagros Sáinz Ibáñez



Summing up (English, Catalan)





Recommended citation for each Chapter:

Author/s name/s (2009): Chapter title, in Fernández-Ardèvol, M., Ros, A. (eds.): Communication Technologies in Latin America and Africa: A multidisciplinary perspective, pp. initial page –final page. Barcelona, IN3. [Date of citation: dd/mm/yy]. ISBN 978-84-692-8402-5.