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What do we offer

The UOC offers a service that creates augmented reality experiences in the areas in wich the research group has expertise. Furthermore, the knowledge acquired in augmented reality has provided a unique insight that helps detect new applications and services, adapting to customer needs in any field, from archaeology to medicine, construction or marketing.

Experiences in culture and advertising

  • Animate and advertise visits to museums, arts centres and exhibitions through image recognition, associating digital information with works of art, archaeological remains, paper catalogues, digital catalogues, flyers, advertisements, window displays, etc.
  • Provide additional information about shows and events, offering information when passing in front of theatres, cinemas and premises or when pointing the mobile at a banner or advertising poster.
  • Offer promotional discounts through image recognition.
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Experiences in education

  • Contextualization and clarification of concepts in text books.
  • Include videos or interactive 3D models that explain a concept clearly.
  • Include interactive apps that help practise a subject and that can comprise or complement homework.
  • Historical / cultural / social contextualization on school trips.
  • Create educational routes enriched with digital content such as videos, 3D models, web pages, etc. (adapted to the course's goals, the students' age, etc.).
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Experiences in tourism

  • Enrich and give greater visibility to landscapes / cultural heritage / tourist routes / points of interest using geolocation, associating digital information with a set of geographical points or with image recognition (advertisements, window displays, digital catalogues, printed catalogues, flyers, etc.).
  • Turn tours into treasure hunts to foster the tourist completing the route and visiting all its points of interest.
  • Time travel. Be able to see an area set in a specific era.
  • Visualization of what an area would look like after an urban development action, the construction of a facility, etc.
  • Offer promotional discounts through image recognition.
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