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The Digital Business Research Group (DigiBiz) is at the forefront of research about the transformational processes in digital business. DigiBiz brings together scholars, executives and entrepreneurs to jointly research key issues on digital business and their interplay with the online consumer.

Under current economic globalisation processes, changes in demand and the digital revolution, firms are facing critical transformations. These transformations are affecting firms’ strategic approaches, as well as their marketing exchanges.

DigiBiz emerged in 2002 from a research project that was outstanding for Catalonia: Project Internet Catalonia - Businesses. The project was sponsored by the Catalan government and focused on the effects of digital technologies on business practices and marketing exchanges. It was led and carried out by DigiBiz researchers, and their cooperative work raised the first synergies among the Group’s members. DigiBiz was previously called Observatory of the New Economy (ONE).

DigiBiz is accredited as a Consolidated Research Group by the Catalan government in Spain (2014-SGR-571). DigiBiz’s leading-edge research has earned an international reputation that influences digital business practice and makes important contributions to theory. The Group is attached to the Open University of Catalonia (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya or UOC), a pioneering and leading university in online education.

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